50 Kalo, one of Napoli’s world-famous pizzerias, was awarded the Europe’s Best Pizza with its London branch. 50 Kalo’s third-generation pizza maker Ciro Salvo has developed a type of super hydrated pizza dough, with a very high water content, for his Neoplolitan style pizza. Sourcing ingredients from Italy he employs special techniques with specially sourced flours, water and a long, slow fermentation process for a pizza that is really special.

50 Top Pizza, a platform that evaluates pizzerias in 50 different categories from all over the world in partnership with S.Pellegrino and Aqua Panna.

List has shown how a Neopolitan street food dish became popular and produced with high quality in different countries around the World. Only Europe has been listed with 26 different countries alone. Bijou from Paris was second in the list while Bæst in Copenhagen came in third.

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