Kadeau Group, which includes Michelin-starred restaurants, was the first casualty in the fine-dining world with a bankruptcy application announced at the end of March. However, the Kadeau Group shared on social media that it will meet its lovers again in June.

The Kadeau Group, which includes 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Kadeau in Copenhagen and Michelin-starred restaurant Kadeau in Bornholm, had filed for bankruptcy in late March. However, the company, which announced the happy news today, said they would reopen their restaurants in June. The company would be the first loss of the fine-dining world due to coronavirus. “Ever since we shut down almost two months ago, we have been working tirelessly on finding our way back to life,” the company said in a statement via Instagram, according to the Food and Wine Gazette. The restaurant group said that times were still uncertain and extremely hard for the industry and encouraged customers to visit their favourite restaurants when they reopen. “No one should have to live the same nightmare we just did.”



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