Chef Julien Royer of Odette, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant, is preparing to open his own restaurant, Claudine, in the Dempsey district of Singapore. Claudine will take over the White Rabbit’s space, which is housed in a former military chapel built in the 1930s. Like Odette, the restaurant was opened in partnership with The Lo & Behold Group, which also maintains the White Rabbit.

The restaurant is decorated with mirrored lamps reminiscent of traditional French bistros, along with bold red ceilings and bold 15m-long design touches that run throughout the dining room. Upscale French classics like steak tartare, vol-au-vent, steak au poivre and a bouillabaisse are on the menu; and traditional and desserts such as flottante, and “Pariterol”, a variation of Paris-Brest and profiteroles. Chef Julien Royer says, “Many dishes are inspired by what I like to eat when I go out. We will have very French classics like steak au poivre and creme caramel. This is the stuff I really enjoy finding on the menu. You will also feel the local and maritime influence in the menu, because I believe a sense of place is very important in any restaurant.”



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