Chef José Andrés announced a $1 billion fund to fight climate change at the nonprofit World Central Kitchen. The fund also includes a $100 million donated to Andrés by Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon.

In addition to working to provide emergency aid to those in need, the fund will also tackle issues such as climate change and food insecurity. Talking about the fund, which is planned to be distributed over the next ten years, José Andrés said, “This is a fight so hungry people can eat. We cannot wait for more promises from world leaders. We need the fierce urgency of now.”

Nate Mook, CEO of World Central Kitchen, said that while the $1 billion figüre is striking, the foundation has already contributed to many different projects, “In 2020, World Central Kitchen spent well over $250 million feding communities as a resutly of disaster and Covid.”

 José Andrés also announced a new media company, where he will tell stories through food as well as charity activities. “It’s been my dream to launch José Andrés Media for many years, to tell stories about who we are through the food we eat. Our food content will be as creative, fun, inspiring and authentic as our restaurants. I can’t wait to get started,” said Andrés, adding that he is looking forward to this new project.



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