Recently, meats produced in a laboratory environment are increasingly taking place in fine dining menus. Michelin-starred chef José Andrés also follows this trend and is preparing to serve culture-based chicken in one of his restaurants in the US. Although legal regulations in the US have not yet come to a conclusion, laboratory-produced meats are becoming more and more popular in the fine dining industry.

Cultured meat means that meat produces from living animal cells in a bioreactor. Although it is not possible to sell it in the US yet, it seems imminent to implement the necessary legal regulations in this field. Joining the board of Good Meat, the cultured meat division of the food technology company Eat Just known for its vegan egg and mayonnaise, José Andrés will serve the products of this brand in his restaurant. Saying that our diet is very important for the future of our planet, Andrés said, “We need to innovate to adapt our food to a planet in crisis. We need to create meals that feed the people at the same time as we sustain our communities and environment.”



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