In Dijon, France, 5 Japanese chefs cooked under the leadership of famous Michelin-starred Takashi Kinoshita, to support health workers.

Takashi Kinoshita, Head Chef of the Michelin-starred Château de Courban hotel and restaurant in Burgundy, has launched a cooking initiative for 100 health workers in the region to support the health workers’ fight. After consulting the owner of his restaurant and the hospital in the area, successful chef Takashi Kinoshita initiated a fine dining-class meal preparation project for health workers by using donated products from local producers and suppliers. According to the news on The Guardian, with the participation of Sae Hasegawa, the restaurant’s Head Dessert Chef, and then Burgundy restaurant owners Tomofumi Uchimura, Keigo Kimura, and Keishi Sugimura efforts to support health workers began on the weekends. The team, which received great returns from doctors and nurses, decided to carry out this project every weekend and for hospitals in the area as well. Kinoshita said: “We have been frustrated that we are unable to cook since the restaurants are closed. So we’re happy to express our gratitude and be of some assistance.”



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