The world-famous Toscan business person Dario Cecchini’s new restaurant, which is planned to open after Nassau, Dubai, New York, and Miami, will be opened in Bodrum Mandarin Oriental Hotel in May.

The architectural design and implementation of the meat restaurant named “Atelier di Carne” is carried out by Thanx Architecture, which is the founder of Zeynep Yılmaz, who is the host of Mandarin Oriental and has signed many successful projects. Zeynep Yılmaz reflects the textures, colors, and densities dominated by earth, water, fire, and air elements in her space design.

He will open 3 more restaurants

Following the Bodrum project, Cecchini will open three more restaurants in Tulum, Mykonos, and Ibiza this season. The investment is made by Sam Nazarian, owner of SBE Entertainment Group, which has many restaurants and hotel chains in the United States, and is managed by Sami Kohen, a member of the company’s board of directors, and the boss of the famous Miami Seaspice Restaurant and River Yacht Club.



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