As a port city in France, Marseille, which offers a pleasant moment to its visitors with its friendly and warm nature, hosts the restaurant AM par Alexandre Mazzia of world-renowned chef Alexandre Mazzia. AM par Alexandre Mazzia promises its guests both taste and peace with its dishes inspired by nature and its interior design in which simplicity stands out.

Located in Marseille, a port city in France and one of the oldest cities in the country, AM par Alexandre Mazzia reflects an elegant and refined culinary culture. Hidden in the streets of Marseille and founded by Alexandre Mazzia, the restaurant follows the chef’s path and carries his culinary personality into his meals along the way.

Mazzia creates her dishes inspired by nature

The restaurant, which has three Michelin stars; focuses on vegetables, quality fish and seafood. At the same time, African influences can be felt in his dishes, as Alexandre Mazzia lived in Congo until the age of 14. The master chef, who reflects his brave personality in his dishes, whets the appetite of his guests both with the tastes and appearances of his dishes. Reflecting nature in its dishes, the place includes the colors of nature in its dishes. Benefiting from nature in its presentations, AM par Alexandre Mazzia makes you feel this effect from its plates to the products it uses for service. Expressing that she passionately entered a creative process by suitably combining perfumes and aromas, Mazzia states that she is inspired by her food journey every day and it is a pleasure to take her guests on this inspiring journey.

The element of simplicity dominates the restaurant design

The design of the place, which makes its mark with its flavors, also stands out. Simplicity is the main element in the restaurant, which is not tiring on the eyes but appeals to the senses with its stylish interior design. The spaciousness of the minimally designed space allows you to focus more on the food.



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