We are witnessing the rebirth of the 8,000-year-old Georgian wine tradition, which has remained in the dusty pages of history, with “Our Blood Is Wine”.

With “Our Blood Is Wine,” filmmaker Emily Railsback and award-winning sommelier Jeremy Quinn provide intimate access to rural family life in the Republic of Georgia as they explore the rebirth of 8,000-year-old winemaking traditions almost lost during the period of Soviet rule. With the documentary released in 2018, Railsback brings the voices and ancestral legacies of modern Georgians directly to the viewer, revealing an intricate and resilient society that has survived regular foreign invasion and repeated attempts to erase Georgian culture. Discovering the fundamental force that pushed this strong, independent and autonomous nation to find its 21st-century identity with the revival of traditional winemaking, “Our Blood Is Wine” has been conveying the history of one of the building blocks of a culture for generations.



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