French artist Idriss B and French chocolate brand Valrhona came together to bring art and chocolate together.

Using new materials and combinations of different sources, the famous French artist Idriss B met with the French chocolate brand Valrhona to realize his vision of contemporary art. Idriss B explained his passion for both creative arts and the reason he chose sweet gastronomy: “Art & Chocolate are two rare pleasures which can please both your eyes and your soul”.

“Chocolate is not just to eat. It is alive and changes structures with different heat and temperatures. It is a substance than can be carved, molded, sculpted, painted with cocoa butter. It has to be touched and manipulated by your hands. The Art comes from your brain, it is made with your hands, and completed from the connection with your heart. Craftmanship comes from the emotions,” said Glenn Noel, Pastry Chef trainer for Middle east, India & Africa for Valrhona.



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