The 16th edition of the international congress, Identià Golose, dedicated to the heroes of the cuisine and patisserie, will be held at MiCo in Milan this year, as every year. This year’s theme of the congress, designed by Paolo Marchi and Claudio Ceroni and to be held between 25-27 September, is “Building a new future: Work”.

The main subject to be focused on in the congress will be ‘work’ before mentioning the kitchen trends. Inspired by the article “Italy is a democratic Republic founded on labour.” in the Constitution, Identità Golose organizers will focus on “work”.

At the congress, chefs and restaurateurs will have the opportunity to think about how to manage the desired return to normal with their activities guided by a strong sense of responsibility. At the same time, important questions of the gastronomy world will be sought, such as how to cope with the economic crisis, when to return to normalcy, how women gain their professional reputation, how to give young people new job opportunities.



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