As coronavirus restrictions are in constant flux, the organizers of Identità Golose 2020 made a big decision by delaying this year’s live event in Milan until 2021.

As the live event is postponed until 2021, the convention has transformed into Identità Golose On The Road – Digital Edition 2020, an unprecedented adventure stemming from many challenges, as well as the desire to show, seek and confront what is happening in kitchens and professionals’ lives. The theme of this year has been determined as ‘building a new future’. An official statement said: “We haven’t abandoned the conviction that it’s still necessary, today more than ever, to remain united in a spirit of solidarity to share information, ideas and new energies, photographing an evolving reality, forced to make a formidable change of pace and thought this year.”

The congress also appears to be itinerant. “Since the situation we will experience in the next few days may not allow speakers and guests (who have never given up on the congress) to be in Milan, it will be Identità Golose with its editorial staff to go to them, to their facilities, to their kitchens, to their premises,” the official statement continues.

The programme of Identità Golose On The Road – Digital Edition 2020 will be available digitally from Monday 16 November.



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