It is possible to find traces left by Paris with its culture and history all over the world. There are many restaurants and cafes in all corners of Paris. Le Procope is just one of them. The well-known restaurant that has been popular for years has many different stories. All that left to the guests is to experience Le Procope.

The story of Le Procope begins with Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli’s arrival in Paris in 1670 and starts to sell coffee at a local festival. Procopio is get to be successful when coffee culture has become a trend. With his revenues, Procopio started to design his cafe, and become the most popular Italian in Paris. Alongside with coffee, he offers chocolate, tea and various liquors to his guests. In 1716 Procopio retires and hands over the Le Procope to his son Alexandre. In this period, Alexandre takes Le Procope out of the café and transforms it into a restaurant.

Le Procope named Paris’s first literary cafe restaurant

After this event, the authors, philosophers, intellectuals and politicians of the period prefer Le Procope as a meeting point. Le Procope, which has many valuable guest over the years like Voltaire, Diderot, D’Alembert, Jean de La Fontaine, Victor Hugo, George Sand, Théophile Gauthier, Anatole France, Balzac ve Alfred de Musset, is now one of the most popular places in Paris. The restaurant, which has a historical marks in every room, gives its guests a feeling of travel in time. One of Le Procope’s rooms is decorated with the text “1789 Declaration of Humanity and Citizenship Rights”. And at the entrance there is the hat of Napoleon, one of the important leaders of a period. This hat has a special story. Napoleon is comes to the Le Procope to eat. But he can’t pay the bill because he doesn’t have the money. Napoleon, offers to give his hat as a safety deposit, wants to pay the money and he wants his hat to remain there until then. But he never comes back, and his hat remains a souvenir that decorates Le Procope’s history.

A unique experience with Le Procope, the witness of the history of France

Le Procope continues its activities today and still maintains its popularity. The place is enchanting with its tastes as well as its history. Le Procope has an impressive menu in a warm and friendly atmosphere and includes French cuisine in general. Le Procope’s guests are left to enjoy the fascinating history as well as the pleasure of traditional French cuisine.



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