Airlines will lose $314 billion which is three times greater than the worst-case scenario considered in March, according to the International Air Transport Association. In the aviation sector, which is obviously one of the most affected sectors by the pandemic, airlines are trying to close the gap with different solutions.
With the gradual lifting of restrictions in the countries, people have started to make holiday plans, but predictions that firstly domestic tourism will get into action are a sign of some more stagnation for airlines. Airlines have started developing different ideas to regain the trust of passengers. While some airlines are considering the idea of keeping middle seats empty, the Easy Jet executive chief began working with a similar plan, saying “something customers want to see.” While this is an extreme solution, according to Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary, Chinese airline Air Changan gives passengers the option of taking 8 seats to maintain social distance.
Although these social distance solutions are considered temporary, we will see airlines increase the cost of by-products in the long term, the Travel Daily News reported. American Airlines increased its baggage fee by $ 15 this month, even though the number of passengers is fairly small now, and other airlines will also increase baggage, seat and ticket replacement fees in coming months.



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