At a webinar, which includes the directors of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Radisson Hotel Group and BWH Hotel Group, hotel managers said there should be a common hygiene standard in hotels.

At a speaking panel, which is part of the Sync virtual organization, Federico J González, director and CEO of Radisson Hotel Group, said the whole industry should have a common hygiene reference point. González said, “Giving the consumer a common reference is one of the things that if the industry fails at doing it, we will pay for it. Stars mean nothing to today’s consumers because every different region has classified this in a different way… [they need] a reference they truly understand.” Keith Barr from InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), said that while customers “inherently have a trust in the big brands,” even global brands “will have to do more” and emphasized the importance of visual cues such as social distance signs. David Kong of BWH Hotel Group agreed that cleanliness would be “the most important element of why someone would pick a hotel,” The Caterer reported. Bar stated that customers also should feel safe when changing countries or cities and said that they should work together to make the travel journey safe.



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