Industry charity Hospitality Action has launched on its website a COVID-19 wellbeing hub, providing resources and advice to support workers.

Hospitality Action, which has provided financial support to employees and companies with the closure of many restaurants in the UK since the beginning of the pandemic, has begun work to protect the mental health of hospital industry workers who have undergone a difficult process. The centre – in collaboration with Compass UK & Ireland and funded by Pladis, Equal Kitchens and the Savoy Educational Trust – explores the practical and mental health effects of lockdown living. Resources are available to support those who face financial challenges, struggle with unhealthy attitudes, or deal with the reality of home education or isolation. It has put together a film of business people who have faced mental health issues in the past, offering their advice for coping with a mental health issue while being removed from friends and with the added burden of being trapped at home.



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