Ana Ros, the chef of Hisa Franko, which is ranked 38th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, called for to be transparent and inform chefs about the future of the industry.

Ana Ros, the chef of the famous restaurant Hisa Franko in Kobarid, had begun receiving reservations as of June 1st, without certainty about whether restaurants would open. People from around the world who missed or wanted to experience Hisa Franko made their reservations. However, it is still unclear if they will be able to fly to Slovenia on the date of the booking, while Ana Ros has called for transparency from her social media account. She said: “We are not being given any information, we do not know anything regarding opening dates or plans. There is no transparency with regard to decisions. We should stick together and speak out our fears and our needs. How many of you have lost their job because of it? How many of you fought for every single person in his team and face the poverty of tomorrow. Why is everybody silent? Hisa Franko is almost full in June. There are reservations from around the world. People are counting the days to come and my team is looking forward to start working. Every single member of my team is part of my family. But when I turn around I see nothing.” According to the Food and Wine Gazette, Ana Ros, who takes on the role of mother within her team, continues to work 5 days a week with her team that entered the quarantine together.



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