The 2020 Science and Cooking Lecture Series, which is free for 16 weeks and open to the public through the edX platform is returning from September 7 with Andoni Aduriz, José Andrés, Garima Arora and many other world-renowned chefs.

With the Science and Cooking Class Series, top chefs and Harvard researchers explore how everyday cooking and haute cuisine can illuminate fundamental principles in chemistry, physics and engineering, and share with all food lovers the secrets of how food molecules and chemical reactions can affect food texture and flavor. This year’s Science and Cooking Public Lecture Series will blur the boundaries and share details of culinary transitions, from Caribbean-influenced French and Italian cuisine, to a Thai take on traditional Indian recipes.

According to the news in Fine Dining Lovers, the 11th of the lecture series will be available to all remotely through Zoom and gives viewers a front-row seat to watch some of the world’s best chefs showcase unexpected flavours and unique techniques.Guest chefs to appear on the lecture series include Andoni Aduriz, José Andrés, Garima Arora, Nina Compton, Joanne Chang, Lois Ellen Frank, Dave Arnold and Harold McGee.



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