Gordon Ramsey has recently announced that he will open a venue called Bread Street Kitchen in Liverpool One. The restaurant will occupy 6,000 square meters in unit 7a/b and unit 105 on Paradise Street. It will house up to 195 interiors on its two floors, with additional alfresco dining and a large bar area.

The menu will feature classic Bread Street Kitchen dishes, including the beef Wellington, butter chicken curry, and Hells Kitchen burger. Andy Wenlock, CEO of Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, said: “Expanding Bread Street Kitchen & Bar in Liverpool is very exciting. We chose Liverpool because it is an exciting and popular city that attracts people from all over the UK. All the menu delights Bread Street Kitchen & Bar has is to serve the people of Liverpool and visitors to the city.”

Alison Clegg, head of wealth management at Grosvenor UK and Ireland, added: “We are delighted that Bread Street Kitchen & Bar has joined our F&B offering at Liverpool One. Gordon Ramsay is an immensely popular and internationally renowned chef and we Liverpool One are continuing to grow their food and beverage offerings. We continue, and the signing of such a well-known restaurant brand further strengthens its position as a destination for fine dining, not just retail.”



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