Successful British Chef Gordon Ramsay found the partner he was looking for in 100 restaurants planned to open by 2024. Ramsey, which currently has 8 restaurants in the USA, confirmed that it had met with Lion Capital and signed an agreement. Ramsay and Lion Capital, which signed a 50 percent partnership, are planning to invest 100 million dollar in five years to brand Gordon Ramsay in the USA.

Ramsay said it would take at least 15 years to realize such a large-scale investment alone, and he said that he would reach his target faster with Lion Capital.

Lion Capital is behind the Wagamama franchise, and brands such as Kettle chips and Weetabix and Lion Capital plans to open 100 restaurants in the US with Ramsay in five different concepts. Gordon Ramsay has its own Pub&Grill, Fish&Chips, Steak and Hell’s Kitchen restaurants in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Baltimore.



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