The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) announced yesterday that it is collaborating with Google to meet the ongoing demands of health care workers in available rooms in hotels and expand industry capabilities.

With the “Hospitality for Hope” initiative launched by the AHLA about 2 months ago, nearly 17,000 properties meet the need for a place to stay for health workers who are unable to go to their homes and are looking for a temporary place to stay. With Google supporting the AHLA initiative, which works with local, state and government officials, it will be even easier to support health care workers. Through a partnership with Google, hotel owners who provide special discounts or private accommodation to health care workers will be able to add these features to their Google Business profiles. Thus, health care workers looking for a place to stay will be able to easily determine where they will stay. Chip Rogers, president and CEO of the AHLA, said, “By working together with Google we will be able to help countless more first responders find respite at local hotels. Thanks to Google’s innovative tool we are thrilled to make it easier for first responders to find a hotel quickly and stress-free so that they can focus on more urgent needs.”



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