As the coronavirus outbreak affects the restaurant industry, C3, a ‘ghost kitchen’ company,  will rent 3 restaurants that are closed and hire a thousand people.

‘Ghost Kitchen’ application, also known as ‘virtual‘ or ’cloud kitchens‘, which simply directs food from the kitchen to the consumer with no room to sit, and it can also work for more than one brand in a single kitchen. C3 (Creating Culinary Communities), the food division and virtual kitchen of SBE Entertainment Group, said demand for food had increased double. “We definitely have seen a fundamental shift in consumer behavior, and we’ve accelerated not just our locations, but a completely different business line, which is leasing restaurants that are dark in communities that need restaurants and food,” SBE Entertainment CEO Sam Nazarian said. C3 is planing to open 5 virtual restaurant brands in the next 4 weeks by renting 3 empty restaurants. C3, which will hire 1,000 people with a plan to open 138 kitchens by the end of 2020, will prioritise former employees of SBE Entertainment Group. At C3, virtual restaurant brands created by celebrity chefs such as Masaharu Morimoto and Dani Garcia offer high-end dining that can be delivered in 30 minutes.



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