Today, San Sebastián Gastronomika hosts many valuable names such as Juan Mari and Elenza Arzak, Eneko Atxa and Martín Berasategui, with various presentations and activities.

Gastronomika, one of the most valuable conferences of the sector that started its third day with the 11th National Grilling Competition, later hosted Roberto Ruiz, Francisco Carrasco and Jon Eizagirre in the “The importance of produce in Basque gastronomy” activity. Then, the famous chefs of 3 Michelin-starred Arzak, Juan Mari and Elena Arzak, gave a unique presentation reflecting their fresh perspective on history and continuing to feed on their natural and social environment in their creative processes. After the presentations of Josean Alija, the chef of Nerua, and then Selassie Atadika, the chef of Midunu, Eneko Atxa, the chef of 3 Michelin-starred Azurmendi, presented a whole new perspective in Gastronomika with a presentation on how he helped him recreate his dreams. After presentations by esteemed chefs from each other, the third day of Gastronomika will end with the activity, which will bring together the perspectives of Mario Sandoval, Hideki Matsuhisa and Alberto Durá along with 3 Michelin-starred Martín Berasategui.



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