Michelin Starred and haute cuisine restaurants can be expensive for many. On the other hand, Pierre Sang’s motto in his restaurants: Everybody should be able to discover the very best of French cuisine with elegant touches. We came together at the Signature Restaurant, which is the last one of the three restaurants opened by Pierre Sang.

Korean origin Pierre Sang is grows in Auvergne, a small French town. He was interested with kitchen since childhood and he make a name for himself very early in his career. “I had the chance to travel and work passionately with the best chefs who taught me everything I know. I’ve discovered new cultures and products that will inspire me every day. And the degree on French TV show Top Chef, gave me the opportunity to open my dream restaurant” says chef Pierre.

“My goal is to make everyone discover gastronomic dishes”

Pierre Sang who is acting with the motto of “gastronomy for everyone”, finally opened his third restaurant Signature. He says that he wanted to creat a friendly place for all people to discover his kitchen. With its contemporary atmosphere Signature was a great success and customers are amazed at the new flavors and blends. He also emphasize that this concept makes them unique and memorable as an experience that everyone will remember. “The French gastronomy is by far the best in the world, and this is integrated with French culture. My goal is to make everyone discover gastronomic dishes. That’s why it’s important to make it more affordable”.

“What makes me happy is knowing that my customers will always support me”

Emphasizing that product quality is the most important thing for a meal, Pierre Sang continues: “The most important part of the kitchen is the right product. If you choose the wrong product, your food will be ruined. I always choose materials from local manufacturers that I think is flawless. The products you choose should be local, seasonal and fresh. The choice of supplier and even the choices of that supplier is important. This is actually a business of trust”. Sang says that he is thinking of another project thanks to his customers, but it’s a mystery for now!  He also adds: “What makes me happy is knowing that my customers will always follow my innovations and support me in my career. I can’t thank them enough for that. The secret to success is my passion as well as their support.”



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