The ‘Paris style’ quarantine, which has closed Paris bars for 15 days from today, is supported by British restaurants.

British restaurants, which have had great difficulties due to the curfew imposed after 10 pm, support the application that started in Paris from today and closed bars for 15 days. Because the application that closes the bars in Paris and inner suburbs, which are in the COVID-19 maximum warning zone, will not apply to restaurants. British restaurants, stating that they are not in the same category as bars and pubs, say that this “Paris style” application is also applicable in England.

Michelin-starred Jason Atherton said: “This Parisian thing is a good idea. If we can get it I would back it 100 per cent. The situation in London is beyond farcical … It’s more unsafe now with everyone rushing to get on the Tube.” Tom Aikens, who runs Muse in Belgravia, said: “I would totally support letting restaurants stay open later. We’re just not in the same category as pubs and bars. The 10 pm curfew is a total pain. We have a 10-course tasting menu and we’re doing last orders at 7.30 pm. We’re actually moving it to seven because even 7.30 is a bit of a push.”

Angela Hartnett, who runs Michelin-starred Murano in Mayfair, also called for staggered closing for different types of business. She said: “They need to stop this policy. They are going to kill businesses. They say they’re following the science but there is no evidence that it was restaurants that screwed up.”



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