Michelin-starred celebrity chef Tom Kerridge said 27 customers, who booked for Saturday night at Kerridge’s Bar & Grill restaurant at the Corinthia London Hotel but didn’t show up, were putting their employees’ jobs at risk.

The celebrity chef, who owns several restaurants including 2 Michelin-starred Hand&Flowers and Michelin-starred Coach, made the statement on his social media account, saying that people who make reservations and didn’t show up put their employees’ jobs at risk. Kerridge said: “To the 27 people that booked at Kerridge Grill & Bar and then failed to turn up on a Saturday night… This industry, like many others, is on the verge of collapse. Your behaviour is disgraceful, shortsighted and downright unhelpful… all of you “no shows” in all restaurants up and down the country are adding to the issues already being faced… YOU are putting peoples jobs more at risk… We put staff levels to the number of covers booked and when you fail to turn up, it now costs us, which in turn will force very uncomfortable and hard decisions about staffing levels. You are the worst kind of guest, and that is “selfish”. I hope you have good look at yourselves…”



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