Chef Franco Pepe, owner of Pepe in Grani restaurant in Italy, won the ‘Best Pizza Chef’ award given by The Best Chef Awards. Receiving his award at The Best Chef Awards 2021 in Amsterdam, Pepe said, “Receiving this award is extremely important to me. I’m so proud that my work is being recognized internationally alongside the world’s best chefs.”

This award highlights the key role the Italian pizzaiolo has had on the international scene. Franco Pepe is one of the most well-known and highly regarded pizzaiolos in the world. For generations, his family has been linked to the gastronomic world and to the art of making bread. But Franco reinvented himself and created a whole new approach, one that is visionary and unique, focusing on one of Italy’s most famous and iconic dishes: pizza. For the first time ever, a Pizzaiolo is being recognized for his work in the context of fine dining and haute cuisine.



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