While cooking a perfectly seasoned steak is not always that difficult, sometimes a good steak can be ruined within minutes. According to the Independent’s news, chefs explained 4 important tips for cooking steak in the best way.

A plate of beef rib on the bone with some rosemary leaves by the side was placed on a white plate, roasting in the oven.

Use a grill or pan and put the steak in the oven only on certain occasions

Plado Tasting Bar Chef German Rizzo, who said that cooking a good steak is an art, stated that it would be sufficient to grill the meat with salt and pepper and that it should not be put into the oven unless the meat is thick.

Make sure the ceiling is warm enough

If you prefer to cook your steaks on the stove, you must ensure that the pan is hot enough before putting the steak. Intersect by Lexus Chief Nickolas Martinez said that the pan should be at high heat so that each side of the meat should be cooked at high heat for about four minutes.

Slicing the steak right after cooking is the biggest mistake

According to many chefs, the biggest mistake people make when cooking steaks is to slice the steak right after it’s cooked. “The biggest mistake is that people do not allow the steak to rest before serving and slicing,” said Felidia Chef Fortunato Nicotra.

It’s important to marinate the steak a few hours before cooking

According to Glenn Rolnick, Alicart Restaurant Group’s Head of Culinary Operations, successfully cooking steaks begins a few hours before they put it in the heat. Rolnick also noted that it is very important to marinate the steak with spices a few hours in advance before cooking.



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