On the third launch of the brand, the cookies came to bring comfort to day to day life and now have it’s income reverted in tips for the restaurant employees.

On one of the working days in Evvai, a Michelin starred restaurant that serves contemporary Italian food, during the quarantine, chef Luiz Filipe decided, along with his squad of cooks, to make cookies to comfort everyone on his team who were in the front line of the production of food for delivery. With the success of the recipe, they decided to share the warmth that the cookies brought with their clients.

“We found one more way to bring comfort to people’s homes”, comments Luiz Filipe. And Souza’s idea evolved and brought affection back to his team: all the profit from the sale of cookies will be reverted to the employees directly, replacing the tips that at the moment no longer exist.

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, the cookies are made with ingredients from small producers, also supplying demand from these entrepreneurs who are compromised due to the crisis. Bringing humor to the noble cause, cookies come in two different flavors named after two different Brazilian terms to refer to cookies: “Biscoito”, made with cocoa from Dengo Chocolates, produced in southern Bahia, various spices, Borá honey, from Mbee and cocoa nibs, and “Bolacha”, with chocolate also from Dengo (65% and 36%), white chocolate and macadamia from Antonia Padvaiskas, a producer from São Paulo. A fun way to play with both terminologies, “Biscoito” versus “Bolacha”.

With this initiative, Evvai is able to support all parts of the chain that supplies a restaurant, which is so affected at the moment. From the beginning of this chain, with small producers that now return to sell their products directly affected by the pandemic, through the employees of the restaurant, whose wages were compromised, to the customers, who currently seek high-quality products to bring comfort to their homes.

The cookies can be purchased on I-food in its two flavors, ready for consumption or to be baked at home. The store also gives the customer the option to make an extra donation to the restaurant employees, which are also 100% reverted for them, strengthening, even more, the cause. The initiative which started a few days ago has already taken an impact on sales and customers adhesion, becoming one of the group’s most successful products, exceeding initial expectations.

Besides the cookies, the chef has already made two other launches during the quarantine. the Evv.ita pizzeria, an express version of Evvai with pizzas in the wood oven and creative recipes; and Mercato Evvai, in which customers purchase fresh products, both from the restaurant itself and from producers who are partners with the restaurant – the income from the sales is entirely directed to those responsible for the business, with Evvai being only a channel for purchase to the consumer.


EVVAI In the command of Evvai, in Pinheiros, chef Luiz Filipe Souza makes a contemporary Italian cuisine combined with large research of Brazilian products. Evvai’s kitchen is defined as Oriundi. An Italian cuisine that integrates local producers with the descendant tradition of the great Italian immigrants, a cuisine that emerges from this cultural exchange. Evvai’s menu reflects inspirations sometimes Italian, sometimes Brazilian, or both, creating a parallel between contemporaneity and tradition. The restaurant has a star in the Michelin Guide RJ / SP, and is in the 40th position among the 50 best restaurants in Latin America.



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