Fine dining restaurants most affected by coronavirus are looking for new ways to continue serving their customers.

The closure of restaurants due to coronavirus caused a major problem in the gastronomy world. Michelin-starred restaurants have entered the world of delivery without releasing their high-quality products to keep their business going, pay their employees and continue to serve the community. Located in Seattle, America, Canlis offered drive-thru burger station, bagel shed and pre-ordered meals come-and-take and takeaway service as it searched for new solutions. Car service and bagel have become so popular that they are hampered by traffic that they continue their service only with come-and-take and takeaway meals ordered in advance. While the contents and taste of the dishes prepared from two to four people are of top quality, Canlis is providing its customers with its iconic part of the restaurant, piano, to keep alive the ambience that is one of the most important features of the restaurants.

Under the umbrella of the Alinea Group, Alinea, Next and Roister continue to serve takeaway customers in Chicago, America. The Alinea Group Restaurants, which offer single meals to their customers in fine dining restaurant politeness, continue to serve many people every day by changing their menus frequently. Ryan McCaskey, chef of Michelin-starred Acadia, south of Chicago, offers his beloved meals to his customers with a come-and-go service.

Fabián Von Hauske, a partner of Contra and Wildair, based in Manhattan, combined the flavours of the two places by performing something no one in the takeaway had ever done and placed Contrair in its service. It continues to serve its customers without losing anything of its authenticity and flavour. Dominique Crenn, one of the most successful chefs, also continues to serve the community by making meal kits that can go from one person to six with her restaurants.



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