Stuart Gillies, former CEO of Gordon Ramsay Group, has reinvented his restaurant’s food policy due to rising inflation. Acting with the “zero waste” mentality, Gillies reduced the prices in its restaurants by 10-15% despite inflation.

Gillies, who said he changed his kitchen policy because he wanted to keep his restaurant still accessible, obliges chefs to make two plates of each ingredient at Bank House in London and Number Eight in Sevenoaks, which he manages. The menu of the restaurants is planned daily according to the ingredients at hand.

Guilles’ restaurants still buy high-quality items such as white crab meat, scallops, and chateaubriand, but they are careful about how much they buy and that all of those ingredients are used. For example, in restaurants that have changed their drink plans, bottles opened on the weekend are sold at a lower price on weekdays.

Gillies, who says, “We still buy high quality things like white crab meat, scallops, and chateaubriand, but we are careful how much we buy and make sure we get everything out of it,” said Gillies, and he does not want to turn his restaurants into special occasion restaurants where people come only at certain times.

Many restaurants in the UK have had to pass on the increase in food and energy bills to their customers as inflation hit the highest level in the last four decades. Guilles’ team, on the other hand, preferred to look for ways to reduce costs rather than pass it on to the customer.

(Source: The Caterer)



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