Ferran Adria, one of the pioneers of the world and Spanish gastronomy, emphasized that owning a restaurant is not just about creativity and like to cook, but managing skills are also very important.

The famous chef Ferran Adria, who became obsessed with restaurant management even though he was a pioneer of avant-garde cuisine with his restaurant elBulli, which closed in 2011, touched on some very important points in an article prepared by Sasha Correa. Famous chef Adria, “Opening a restaurant makes us entrepreneurs, which means that our greatest capacity and responsibility is to be good entrepreneurs.” said. People who want to cook and open restaurants because they love creativity should think about management first. Adria stated that 50% of the restaurants in Spain do not last more than five years. The famous chef’s book Mise en Place, which is very important to the restaurant business, is turning into a guidebook by addressing all aspects of the restaurant business.

“It is the first time in the history of gastronomic restaurants, let’s say in the last 220 years, that there are no restaurants open around us.” said the famous chef about the crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak. After returning to normal, the celebrity chef suggested that restaurateurs should reset themselves rather than reinvent themselves. “Things will not be as easy as just opening again,” Adria said. He noted that they should set up plans and scenarios to support their restaurants because customer habits and dynamics will change in the future.



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