Ferran Adrià and elBullifoundation have published a comprehensive encyclopedia of coffee; its history, consumption practices, production techniques, countless coffee varieties and the coffee industry as a whole.

As more and more chefs turning their attention to coffee, “Coffee Sapiens: Innovation through understanding” is a reference guide for anyone who wants to reach and understand the essence of coffee. In 2011, Adrià announced that he would conduct gastronomy research under the roof of elBullifoundation, which he founded after he closed the legendary restaurant elBulli, which radically influenced the world gastronomy.

Adrià who says: “There are no history books or major research studies on fine dining. There is no thesis on Auguste Escoffier” seeks to address the academic understanding of culinary art by identifying a methodology for information and research with this Sapiens Project. “Coffee Sapiens is the first of elBullifoundation’s research on coffee and the first of the future books. “

“Coffee Sapiens: Innovation through understanding” will be available from April 15 and is the perfect companion for anyone already involved in the coffee industry from baristas to roasters, but equally useful for coffee enthusiasts, chefs and for anyone who is interested in Ferran Adrià, one of the greatest stars in the history of gastronomy.



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