In cooperation with the cleaning firm Diversey, the European Hotel Managers Association began its efforts to provide a hygienic environment for the health and safety of customers after coronavirus.

Diversey has developed an integrated program for hotel reopenings after the pandemic and has produced an Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection Guide to achieve a very high level. However, the program has two phases of disinfection provided with operational guidance after standard cleaning. From the first day of opening, special materials prepared to protect employees and guests will ensure easy adaptation to the ‘new normals’.

The innovative tools provided by Diversey include: unique chemical systems, i.e. innovative, cost-saving and sustainable dosing solutions and cleaning chemicals; the ultimate cleaning machines, designed to deliver cleaning excellence and reduced operating costs; TASKI tools and workstations to increase cleaning performance, level of quality and productivity; training & support materials, i.e. comprehensive cleaning procedures and staff training aids to be used in initial training of new sites/staff and ongoing training sessions.



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