Michelin-starred Elizabeth Haigh will offer a high-end tasting menu experience twice a week at her restaurant Mei Mei in Borough Market.

Successful chef Haigh will offer her guests an 8-course tasting menu with a maximum table layout of 16 people, with “Bā”, which means 8 in Chinese. Haigh stated that the tasting menu, where we will see reflections of Singapore influences, is the next step of Mei Mei development. Apart from the new tasting menu, which will be presented on Friday and Saturday, Mei Mei will continue to welcome its guests with its Singapore menu. Haigh, who said she was excited about her new project and cooking at a high level again, also said she thought Bā would keep Mei Mei alive during these difficult times. According to Big Hospitality UK, Haigh said: “We’re going to be pushing ourselves a bit further to create more of an experience. It will be more of a dinner experience as opposed to a coffee shop one.”



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