EIT Food West has launched the zero plastics campaign, which forces people to think about how plastic waste and plastic waste affect our world in addition to how it affects our world our personal well-being.

It’s quite hard to escape the single-use plastics that are rooted in our daily lives, and often we think life is no longer possible without them. However, with the Food Plastic Free campaign, which starts today and will last for 33 days, EIT Food West and ambassadors, including VegGo from France and Le Castel de Bois Genoud from Switzerland, will help you with useful tips and tricks on how to reduce single-use plastics. According to the Food and Wine Gazette, The Plastic Free challenge ‘Zero Plastic Hero’ prepared by EIT Food west will give creative tips and tricks on how to live zero plastic. It is aimed at inspiring people and interacting with them, rather than just informing them.



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