While the restaurant industry is scrambling to revive after coronavirus pandemic, the big American doughnut and coffee chain Dunkin’ Donut is preparing to hire 25,000 people.

Although the coronavirus outbreak hit restaurants financially hard, the big chain said the need for private employees was greater than ever. “Dunkin’ franchisees are always looking to bring on hardworking crew members with a positive attitude into their restaurants,” said Michelle King, Senior Director of Global Public Relations. “The demand for this type of talent has only increased as a result of COVID-19.”

The coffee chain is launching its first recruitment-based advertising campaign to talk about the benefits of working in its restaurants. Dunkin’ also said it is partnering with Southern New Hampshire University to offer shop employees an online college education. “Dunkin’ is committed to keeping America running and working. We are proud to support our franchisees who offer much-needed job opportunities, in a welcoming environment where people can feel appreciated and rewarded for serving both customers and their communities during this critical time,” said Stephanie Lilak, big chain’s Brands Senior Vice President.



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