The eights edition of Latin America’s 50 Best Resturants 2020 list is unveiled in a virual ceremony sponsored by S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

Don Julio from Argentina takes the first spot and is crowned the Best Restaurant in Latin America. Founded by renowned sommelier and restauranteur Pablo Jesus Rivero, Don Julio is located in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires with Guido Tassi as the chef. Don Julio was the recipient of the Art of Hospitality Award in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 and was located in the 4th spot in 2019’s list.

Last year’s holder of the first spot Maido from Peru is in the second place this year while Central from Lima is awarded the third place and becomes the recipient of the Art of Hospitality award.

Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020 list:

1. Don Julio, Buenos Aires

2. Maido, Lima

3. Central, Lima 

4. A Casa Do Porco, São Paulo

5. Pujol, Ciudad de Mexico  

6. Boragò, Santiago de Chile

7. El Chato, Bogotà

8. Michiguene, Buenos Aires

9. Roseta, Ciudad de México

10. Osso, Lima

11. Quintonil, Ciudad de México

12. Oteque, Rio de Janeiro

13. D.O.M., São Paulo 

14. Pangea, Monterrey

15. Alcalde, Guadalajara

16. Tegui, Buenos Aires

17. Sud 777, Ciudad de México

18. Kjolle, Lima

19. Chila, Buenos Aires

20. Isolina, Lima

21. Lasai, Rio de Janeiro

22. Astrid y Gastón, Lima

23. Mani, São Paulo

24. Mayta, Lima

25. Harry Sasson, Bogotá

26. Evvai, São Paulo

27. Leo, Bogotá

28. Parador La Huella 

29. Rafael, Lima

30. Le Chique, Cancún

31. Nicos, Ciudad de Mexico

32. Depatio, Santiago de Chile

33. Mocotó, São Paulo

34. Gran Dabbang, Buenos Aires

35. MIL, Cusco

36. Máximo Bistrot, Buenos Aires

37. Mérito, Lima

38. Osaka, Buenos Aires

39. Elbaqueano, Buenos Aires

40. Narda Comedor, Buenos Aires

41. Restaurante 040, Santiago de Chile

42. Maito, Ciudad de Panamá 

43. Aramburu, Buenos Aires

44. Manu, Curichiba

45. La mar, Lima

46. Ambrosía, Santiago de Chile

47. El preferito de Palermo, Buenos Aires  

48. Nuema, Quito

49. Celele, Cartagena

50. Corrutela, São Paulo 


Individual Award Recipients:

One To Watch Award: Fauna

Chefs’ Choice Award: Leonor Espinosa

Latin America’s Best Female Chef: Narda Lepes

Icon Award: Janaina Rueda

Art of Hospitality Award: Central

Sustainable Restaurant Award: Pujol

Latin America’s Best Pastry Chef Award: Sofia Cantina

Highest New Entry Award: Mérito

Highest Climber Award: Mayta



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