‘Constructing Albert’ reveals, in the most delicious form, Albert Adrià pushing the boundaries of excellence, who takes the lead in a world where creativity is the only concern.

‘Constructing Albert’, directed by Laura Collado and Jim Loomis in 2017, focuses on Albert Adrià’s search for excellence after the closing in 2011 of El Bulli, which created the Big Bang effect in Spanish gastronomy. The documentary, which began with Albert Adrià announcing his grand plans in 2013 with the statement “I see it like a film director making five genre films” reveals the level of creativity captured at El Bulli to be reflected in the restaurants included in these plans. The documentary, which reveals the unforgettable dining experience of a cuisine dominated by imagination and meticulous preparation, also shows how these dishes were built from scratch and with backbreaking work.

Along with the challenges he overcame in each of his restaurants and the excellence he captured, the documentary concludes with the opening of Adrià’s masterpiece, Enigma. Despite the many difficulties Adrià goes through on his way to open Enigma, his passion for his job rarely lets him lose his temper. It is possible to clearly see his care and respect for his job in his words “You have the capacity to deform and destroy everything” to a chef. Although the sibling rivalry is contained in the subtext of the documentary, it is clear that Albert Adrià’s main and only concern is to create.

‘Constructing Albert’ opens a door for the audience to the inner world of Albert Adrià, who followed his own path after the legendary El Bulli and built his own name.



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