The stars of the gastronomy world meet at Gastromasa! Let’s get to know our world-famous guests who opened our horizons with their inspiring experiences and culinary secrets.  

After his graduation from Escuela de Zabalburu in Bilbao, Diego Guerrero completed his education by learning different techniques in famous Spanish restaurants such as Martin Berasategui, Goizeko Kabi, and El Bulli. At the age of 23, Diego Guerrero, who had the opportunity to become the head chef of El Refor Restaurant in Alava, has become one of the most names in the gastronomy scene of Spain in just three years. Guerrero, who was deemed worthy of many awards, including the Pil Pil gastronomy awards in 2001 and 2002, worked at El Club Allard and was awarded two Michelin stars. Diego Guerrero, who left the restaurant in 2013 to be working on his own project DSTAgE, maximizes the level of creativity while transforming the kitchen into an enjoyable place for everyone.  



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