Dinner in the Sky will host guests on September 16-28 with Version 2.0 and the new generation platform, which is used for the first time in Brussels.

The new platform, called Dinner in the Sky 2.0, will definitely be more “COVID-19 proof” and will be able to accommodate 32 people with 8 tables for 4 people instead of the common table. On the platform, which offers a ‘Michelin star’ dinner 50 meters above the ground, the social distance will be provided by determining the distance of 3 meters between the tables. 3 sessions will be held every day at noon, 19:00 and 21:00 hours, and the kitchen of the platform has been installed in the empty space in the centre. In this way, chefs and their teams will be able to work more comfortably and communicate more easily with guests.

The Brussels version of Dinner in the Sky, considered one of the most surrealist events in the gastronomy scene, will be held on September 16-28 and will take place in the heart of the Belgian capital in Place de Brouckere, just opposite the Hotel Metropole. The hotel, the symbol of the city, had closed its doors earlier this year due to the epidemic but decided to open its doors again to welcome the Dinner in the Sky participants.

10 Belgian chefs will join the new version of the platform, which has been used in 64 countries, including Belgian cities since it started in Brussels in 2006. These are Yves Mattagne (Sea Grill), David Martin (La Paix), Pierre Résimont (L’Eau Vive), Bart De Pooter (De Pastorale), Alexandre Dionisio (La Villa in the Sky), Karen Torosyan (Bozar Restaurant), Isabelle Arpin (Isabelle Arpin), Giovanni Bruno (Senzanome), Luigi Ciciriello (La Truffe Noire) et Alain Bianchin (Alain Bianchin*).



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