Two Michelin-starred chef Diego Guerrero joined the World Center Kitchen, led by world-renowned chef José Andrés, who is known for his worldwide social responsibility projects to striving coronavirus, which has affected Spain as well as all over the world.

New names and new kitchens are joining the #ChefsForSpain association organized by World Center kitchen. The solidarity created to distribute food to people in need in Madrid was joined by Medems Catering and its world-famous restaurant, Dstage, and the 2 Michelin-starred Diego Guerrero. The El Quenco de Pepa restaurant and chef Pepa Muñoz from Madrid will also participate in this solidarity by preparing menus at NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding. The solidarity includes Madrid-based chefs Juanjo López (la Tasquita de Enfrente y La Retasca), Carlos del Portillo (Bistronómika), Iñaki Gorrotxategi (Casa Julián de Tolosa) and Ricardo Vélez (the Pâtissier), along with restaurants within the Bulbiza Group. Chef Carles Tejedor, from Barcelona, has been collaborating with Jose Andres from day one, aiming to reach as many people as possible. In Valencia, Germán Carrizo and Carito Lourenço from the Fierro restaurant are among those who support this solidarity. Many chefs in Spain are joining hands under the umbrella of #ChefsForSpain by distributing healthy and all-consuming meals to the needy.



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