Alex Atala, one of the most exciting chefs in the world, offers a special insight into his unique relationship with the products of his native Brazil and the dishes he creates from it with D.O.M: Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients.

Alex Atala built his unique culinary style on the discovery and exploration of Brazilian ingredients and combined them in his 2 Michelin-starred restaurant D.O.M with a commitment to finding sustainable solutions to benefit the Amazon and its people. With the D.O.M: Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients, released in 2013, Alex Atala tells the individual stories of 65 unique ingredients used in D.O.M’s kitchens and their relationship with them. Each ingredient will be accompanied by a recipe for one of the dishes that it is utilized in and a beautiful image of both the ingredient and the finished dish. Fascinating texts, stunning photos, and inspiring recipes come together to create a beautiful cookbook accessible to readers.




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