As a result of coronavirus, creative solutions continue to be introduced to the difficult times of the restaurant industry. Restaurants that are closed by the government’s new regulations or common sense are coming up with creative solutions to serve their customers.

Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, owners of fine dining restaurant Alinea which is Chicago’s most high profile restaurant and the city’s only three-Michelin-starred spot, offer products to their customers that can be heated at home with a reasonable price.

Clinton Hall, located in New York, understands that its customers can’t come to the place and eat, drink and have fun, so it sells all this in the form of a package to the customers can have fun at home.

St. Mission Taco in St. Louis prepares meat, tortillas and all the other ingredients needed to make tacos to its customers in the form of packages.

With the regulation of New York state that allowing restaurants to serve cocktails and meals as long as hygiene rules are followed, we can see Quarantini on the menu at Thyme bar.



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