As in the world, the restaurant sector in Latin America is going through a very difficult period. Restaurants entering the Worlds 50 Best are trying to get through this process with different methods.

During the coronavirus process, each restaurant tries to get through this process by trying to come up with different solutions. Restaurants in Latin America, which are among the best, are also trying different ways. Don Julio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which was ranked 4th on the 2019 Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list, has closed completely. “We are doing what we can, which is staying at home, regardless of whether this affects the economy or we lose money,” Don Julio’s owner Pablo Rivera said in a statement. Elena’s chef Juan Gaffuri, who was ranked 45th on the 2019 Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list, also announced that he was closing his restaurant completely. Marsia Taha, the chef of Gustu restaurant in Bolivia, said she wanted to protect her customers and employees, saying she was closing her restaurant. Other restaurants whose chefs stay at home; Mishiguene in Buenos Aires (No.20), Boragó in Santiago de Chile (No.5), Parador La Huella In José Ignacio, Uruguay (No.33) and El Baqueano in Buenos Aires ( No.39) and all Grupo Acurio’s restaurants in Santiago; La Mar, Tanta, Madame Tusan, Panchita, Barra Chalaca and La Sanguchera del Barrio are currently closed.

Some chefs in Latin America cook meals for health workers. Martín Pittaluga, gastronomic entrepreneur and co-owner of Parador La Huella in José Ignacio, Uruguay, says: “We are organising ourselves, in partnership with the Gastronomic Corporation, to facilitate the delivery of food to health professionals” Local media reported that Maldonado’s Mayor, Jesus Betancur, reached an agreement with Gastronomic Corporation to help those most affected by the crisis and that they would buy a thousand or 2 thousand meals a day to keep the restaurants running.

Many restaurants offer customers food after the pandemic with pre-paid cards. Restaurante 040 (No.37 Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019) will now be able to take advantage of food and drinks at a 50% discount after the pandemic is over with a ‘Joker’ coupon they can get online. Gift cards held by La Cabrera Santiago chef Gastón Riveira will also be valid for 6 months. In this way, it helps both its customers and provides cash flow to its restaurant. The same system is the 99 (No.The same system is being implemented at 49 Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019) restaurants.

De patio, which closed its doors on March 17 for delivery only (No.34 Latin America’s 50 Best 2019) Chief Benjamin Nast announced that he had stopped all operations during the quarantine, saying the logistics system was not easy to create. Santiago de Chile is located in the same situation, Ambrosia (No.That goes for 30 of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019). Its chief Carolina Bazán (Latin America’s Best Female Chef 2019) said goodbye to its customers through the quarantine process, halting operations 3 days after stating that they would continue with takeaway only on March 16. Narda Comedor (No.50 Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019) continues takeaway.



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