”There’s no two ways about it, ” said Chief Tom Brown, noting that the coronavirus crisis will only be fixed with togetherness and helping.

Tom Brown, Head Chef and owner of Cornerstone in England, was one of the many people who participated in the Hospitality Action’s charity campaign about the crisis and future problems will be experienced by the sector due to coronavirus. Brown, who said they are emotionally attached to the places where they work because of the nature of their jobs, stated that everyone in the industry is worried not just for their restaurants and bills, but about their employees.

Support from the other chefs

Famous chef Tom Brown called other famous friends and regulars to Hospitality Action’s charity campaign with the support of actor Stephen Graham and regular customers Miles Kane and Professor Green. The campaign was joined by famous chefs including Angela Hartnett, Tom Kerridge, Paul Ainsworth and Jason Atherton. Richard Corrigan also supported the campaign with his announcement last week that it was “the worst crisis I’ve seen in my 33 years of cooking.”



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