Ranked 21st on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list and the Highest New Entry Award in 2018, Álvaro Clavijo, the chef of the El Chato restaurant, also supports producers while catering for 65 people at the shelter and children and elderly in need of help.

Successful chef Álvaro Clavijo, who made a strong entry to Latin America’s 50 best Restaurants list in 2018 with his El Chato restaurant, continues to work in the kitchen for 65 people in shelters for children and the elderly who are in difficulty due to quarantine with donated money. “The idea is people sponsor the shelter and we cook food for the shelter. You donate say £10 and we can feed 5 people from this,” said the successful chef, who encouraged people to help, in this way also supports the producers. Clavijo, the successful chef, said: “I have a responsibility to these farmers. Selling the product through our website wasn’t a solution, so we came up with the idea to sponsor the shelter and make food for them using the ingredients to make meals from them,” he said. Clavijo encourages farmers to produce products they would not normally produce, both supporting the producer at this difficult time, while also paying his employees enough to make it worth their time to help people. “I’m keeping all my staff. If the situation carries on like this, we’re not going to be able to stand more than two or three months. We’re going to be bankrupt. I don’t want to fire anyone. I want to find solutions to keep them employed,” said Clavijo, the voice of many restaurant owners and chefs, and continued his words, “This is a one-way win. I’m not raising money to pay my staff I’m trying to raise money to help a shelter to help keep my staff and also help my producers.”



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