Gong to Lyon and not stopping for Bernachon’s, is like visiting the Louvre without seeing Mona Lisa! With its long history in the field of chocolate, Bernachon is the best chocolatier in France. With their chocolate that produced from the best cocoa beans in the world, they provide an unforgettable experience to their guests. We visited the shop of Lion in Bernachon, France’s most established and successful chocolate shop.

At the hands of the third generation with Philippe, Stephanie and Candice Bernachon, the establishment is founded by Maurice Bernachon in 1953 in Lyon. After its launched, brand quickly gained prestige in Lyon and then all of France. And the third generation is following their grandfather trails of success.

Located in the back of the shop, a laboratory called ‘Hidden Chocolate Factory’ is running by Philippe. Stephanie carefully directs everything to ensure sales. Finally, Candice, along with her mother, Françoise, takes care of the restaurant and tea room. Bernachon siblings works everything between them in a systematic manner in order to push ahead with Bernachon as to other generations.



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