Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is one of the most enjoyable cities in Europe with its flat roads, bikes, canals and museums. We emphasize the word museum because one of the most important museums in Europe is in Amsterdam. The most iconic classical art museum, Rijksmuseum, also houses the RIJKS restaurant. We have researched the restaurant and chef Joris Bijdendijk for you

RIJKS, the restaurant of the Rijksmuseum. Rijksmuseum is located in Amsterdam and tells the history of the Netherlands. The RIJKS restaurant is a restaurant of a quality that worthy of this iconic museum. The lunch menu has a wide selection of options including an espresso bar and an a ala carte restaurant. The products used are mainly from Dutch territory. The restaurant is open to both noon and evening service with its 130 seats and 40 seats and terrace.

Chef Joris Bijdendijk who created games with vegetables

The creator of the original and interesting menu of RIJKS is the chef Joris Bijdendijk. The chef, who shares he could create menus original and freely, comes forward with his higly green menu. Emphasizing that it is great pleasure to be working in a restaurant located in the city center, especially in a museum, Bijdendijk adds: “Having a restaurant in the city center and taking place in a museum is a truly amazing advantage. Nevertheless, I would also like to have a restaurant at an out-of-town location where products grow around”. The chef, who places great importance on motivation in the kitchen, argues that everyone should come to front in the matters that they good about it. Joris says that the secret of a successful kitchen is also motivation.

World renowned chefs are being the guest host

Different periods of the year in RIJKS, there are guest chefs from all around the World, just like how Rijksmuseum, hosts every year a curator from different parts of the world as a guest. Margot Janse, Jacques Pourcel, André Chiang and Tim Raue are just some of the  world renowned chefs

 “I want to open my own place“

Bijdendijk’s dream is to open up his own place like most chefs. He tells his thought on the matter: “RIJKS makes me feel like it’s my own restaurant. I’m free in everything I’m doing here, and everything I want to do. If I open a restaurant one day, I would like it to be RIJKS.



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