One of Belgium’s beloved chefs, Seppe Nobels from Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp is opening a new restaurant made up of refugees he will raise himself. The new restaurant, called Instroom, located on the edge of Antwerp’s harbor, is being brought to life by Nobels, who announced in June that they were parting ways with Graanmarkt 13 after 13 years.

The project was originally intended as a pop-up venture but now Nobels has decided to turn his full attention on Instroom. Chef said: “As a chef I quickly felt that I wanted to have an impact, I didn’t just want to strive for awards in fine dining or gastronomy. I want to set something in motion at the kitchen table. My latest award is the green Michelin star, the award for years of insisting on healthy principles: eating healthier by placing vegetables at the centre of our kitchen. After I had done that for 13 years with Graanmarkt 13, I had the feeling that I had reached my high point.”



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